inspired by nature; its materials, geometry and beauty

CRU! Architects

Architecture & Design

Sven Mouton and Hilde Duerinck are since 2007 the driving force behind CRU! Architects. After a PhD on bamboo architecture and several years of wandering far and wide, Ghent has once again become the operating base. CRU! Architects creates architecture and design that is in line with nature, with a responsible use of natural resources whether it is a single-family home, conversion, bamboo project, public building or a public space.

Use of natural materials

CRU! Architects embraces the use of natural materials such as bamboo, stone, timber, earth, water or even actual living trees, yet a responsible use of materials can also signify the re-use of construction materials or the use of secondhand interior elements. CRU! Architects often refers to building materials and techniques from the past in order to find solutions for the future. This without losing sight of architectural key elements such as natural light, scale and proportion, balance, space and rythm.